Let us tell
you a story

The project

For the Vigneti Romio line, Caviro has meticulously selected highly-regarded vine growers from Romagna and the finest grape varieties of the region, trusting in the winemakers that combine the most modern production processes and equipment with the experience gained over many generations. Every bottle conveys the history of Romagna, just like the wine it contains. The nature of this humble region, doting mother to all the varietals in this collection, is expressed through the archetypes of local culture depicted on the labels, each paired with the wine that best represents it.

The target

The Vigneti Romio project was established with the aim of perfecting quality winemaking, beginning with the most modern measures in the vineyard and by adopting the most sophisticated vinification techniques. In order to produce well-defined, well-balanced wines, Caviro Group has established precise protocols which constantly monitor the health of the vineyard throughout the entire grape growing process.

  • bottle of wine 'Novebolle Romagna DOC Spumante Bianco Extra Dry'

    Romagna DOC
    Spumante Bianco
    Extra Dry


    Like a new love.

    Tasting notes

    A bright straw yellow colour, this wine has a delicate nose with hints of exotic fruits and floral aromas. On the palate it’s clean and elegant, fresh and tasty while the perlage is fine and persistent.

  • bottle of wine 'Novebolle Romagna DOC Spumante Rosato Extra Dry'

    Romagna DOC
    Spumante Rosato
    Extra Dry


    Like a first date.

    Tasting notes

    Soft rosé with bright and brilliant reflections. On the nose, dominant notes of red fruits and hints of peach result in a delightfully fresh and aromatic bouquet. On the palate it is fresh, tasty and crunchy, the perlage is fine and pleasant.

  • bottle of wine 'Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore Riserva'

    Romagna DOC
    Superiore Riserva


    Like a hero from a bygone era.

    Tasting notes

    Ruby red in colour, this wine has lovely notes of ripe black cherries on the nose with a delicious hint of spice. With red berry flavours on the palate and fine tannins, this wine is well balanced with a long finish.

  • bottle of wine 'Sangiovese Rubicone IGT Appassimento'

    IGT Appassimento


    Like the sound of music.

    Tasting notes

    Red in colour with a violet hue. Typical scents of blackberry and cherry. Concentrated and defined bouquet with a hint of spice. On the palate it is complex and mouth filling, it has well-balanced acidity with fruity notes of blackberries and spicy oak and a long elegant finish.

  • bottle of wine 'Romagna DOC Trebbiano'



    Like the wind in your hair.

    Tasting notes

    A straw-yellow colour with light greenish hue, Romagna Trebbiano DOC has an intense flavour of tropical fruit and flowers with hints of green apple and light grassy notes; a full-bodied wine that is fresh, sapid and well balanced.

Every bottle conveys the history of Romagna, just like the wine it contains.

The illustrations

Every illustration is a work of art, produced by a local artisan in accordance with the age-old technique of printing with engraved wooden moulds. This has been used in rural tradition for centuries to decorate tablecloths, curtains and covers for cattle. At the beginning of the 1900s it became a symbol of the cultural vitality of Romagna. With its rough angular features, warm and iconic designs, wood engraving is the technique that represents the character of the local people more than any other; from the carefree atmosphere of the seaside resorts to the passion of Latin lovers and the courage of the motorcyclists, thus it is this motif that decorates the Romio wines.